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FREE SAMPLE for quality and performance checking

LONG guarantee period , no worries about quality &services

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Core competitive

◆ FREE SAMPLE for quality and performance checking

◆ LONG guarantee period , no worries about quality &services

◆ Able to compete with other suppliers on pricing

◆ OEM &customized requests are acceptable and welcomed

◆ Strong capacity &fast delivery

◆ Compliance with international standards


Type    Self adhesive(Peel&stick),Sand coated,  Smooth, Textured
Thickness 1.0mm(40mil),1.2mm(45mil), 1.5mm(60mil) or customized
Width 2m (6.6ft), 3m(10ft), 4m(13ft) or customized
Color  White,grey or customized

One Stop Solution

1.A full range of products categories,including TPO, PVC EPDM,EVA ,HDPE Geotextle.

2.All type of membranes,including self adhesive, sand coated , smooth, textured

3.All accessories are available ,including prefabricated, sealing and fasteners.

4.No worries for every single point at quality , pricing , package, shipment, delivery, guarantee,service etc. 


It’s been over 30 years experience on manufacturing polymer waterproof membranes and constructing waterproofing projects. A full range of production line includes TPO membranes, PVC membtranes , EPDM rubber membranes, EVA tunnel waterproof sheets and HDPE geomembranes are available .Types with reinforced, back fleece, sand coated , self adhesive ,walkway board and other special requests can be customized properly. One stop solution will be making your projects cost lower and benefits higher. Quality products,strong capacity, fast delivery,profesional services are the main reasons to be worthy working together. Why not contact us to LEARN MORE details ? 

Peel&Stick (self-adhesive) is a new type of installation solution. Its biggest advantage is that no welding is required during installation, only self-adhesive layer bonding is required. Convenient and practical, high efficiency, saving labor costs. It is widely used in roof waterproofing, building basement waterproofing, corner waterproofing, water leakage repairing and other places. 

Features &Benefits

● Strong tensile strength, high elongation, good dimensional stability after heat treatment.

● Excellent flexibility at low temperature, excellent resistance to the low and high temperature.

● Excellent resistance to impact and perforation.

● Excellent resistance to chemical etching.

● Strong adhesion to the substrate: easy and fast construction without pollution.

● Excellent resistance to the aging, long service life.

● Service life: more than 20 years as roof waterproof material, more than 50years if used in underground waterproof .

● Repair project: Repair the damage place only and reduce the repair cost.


● Industrial and civil building waterproofing.

● Geosynthetic liner for swimming pool, channels, irrigation system.

● Suitable for projects requiring high performance on durability, anti-corrosion and distortion prevention.

Adhesive membrane
HDPE adhesive  membrane
peel stick sheet

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