HDPE/LLDPE Geomembrane

  • HDPE sand coated

    HDPE sand coated


    ◆ A full range of products categories,including HDPE,TPO, PVC EPDM,EVA ,Geotextile.etc.

    ◆ All type of membranes,including sand coated,walkway board,reinforced,back fleece, self adhesive ,.etc.

    ◆ All accessories are available ,including prefabricated, sealing and fasteners.

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  • HDPE-Adhesive


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  • LLDPE Geomembrane ( Linear Low-Density Polyethylene)

    LLDPE Geomembrane ( Linear Low-Density Polyethylene)


    ● Surface Type  :Smooth ,Textured,Sand finish

    ● Material Options :HDPE ,LLDPE MDPE etc
    ● Thickness :1.0mm(40mil),1.2mm(45mil), 1.5mm(60mil)2.0mm(80mil) or customized
    ● Width:5.8m (19ft), 8m(26ft),  or customized
    ● Color: Black,White or customized
    ● Standard:GRI-GM13,CE ISO9001