• PVC Roof Membrane

    PVC Roof Membrane

    PVC Roofing Membrane 1.5mm has recently become a hot topic in the roofing industry due to its durability, cost-effectiveness and waterproofing ability. Due to its ability to withstand weather fluctuations, high impact resistance, low maintenance costs and sustainability,...
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  • 1.5mm TPO membrane

    1.5mm TPO membrane

    TPO roofing has been taking the building and construction market by storm with its remarkable benefits. The recent spike in demand for TPO roofing systems is no surprise, as more and more property owners are shifting to energy-efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective o...
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  • TPO roofing membrane

    TPO roofing membrane

    TPO roofing has become a popular choice for many property owners due to its durability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. TPO roofing, which stands for Thermoplastic Olefin roofing, use a single-ply membrane made of rubber and plastic. TPO roofing is well-known ...
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  • TPO Reinforced ROOFING

    TPO Reinforced ROOFING

    As the construction industry continues to evolve, TPO reinforced roofing has become a hot topic in recent times. TPO roofing has been trending due to its energy efficiency, durability, and flexible design options. It is a single-ply roofing membrane that delivers excelle...
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  • EPDM POND LINER Solutions

    EPDM POND LINER Solutions

    EPDM pond liners are gaining popularity among pond owners for their durability and long-lasting protection. With the recent increase in demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable options, EPDM pond liners are becoming the solution of choice for many pond owners. One of the latest trends ...
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  • TPO walkway board

    TPO walkway board

    Recently, TPO walkway panels have become a hot topic. This innovative product has attracted attention for its durability, non-slip surface and environmental friendliness.  TPO walkway decking is made from thermoplastic olefin, which is resistant to weathering, UV rays and chemicals. TPO walkway p...
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  • TPO roofing

    Roof waterproofing membranes have become an essential part of every construction project, and TPO membranes have become a valuable solution in the roofing industry.  TPO stands for Thermoplastic Olefin, which is extremely durable, energy efficient and cost effective.  In...
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  • Single Ply Membranes

    Single Ply Membranes

    When you build a house, how to make roof waterproofing ?Why not try single ply membrane? Single Ply Membranes are sheets of rubber and other synthetics that can be ballasted, mechanically fastened, or chemically adhered to insulation creating a...
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  • Roofing Membrane

    Roofing Membrane

    Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membranes are among the fastest growing commercial roofing products and have gained praise across all over the world for their many performance and installation advantages. As demand increases for heat-reflective and ener...
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  • Roofing wateproof solution

    Roofing wateproof solution

    Living roof system Polymer material of TPO PVC EPDM waterproofing membranes have multiple uses. One such use is to waterproof roofs to create roof gardens, also known as living roofs. Complete roof gardens incorporate irrigation and drainage systems as well as root barr...
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  • Why HDPE Geomembrane is Popular for Pond Lining

    With the advancement of technology, a wide range of products in the plastic industry have evolved and Geomembrane is one among them.   HDPE geomembranes are considered very useful in controlling fluid migration in man-made projects.  They are made of synthetic material a...
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  • How to make golf course and pond waterproof ?

    Several golf course ponds and lakes around the world have difficulty retaining water. Usually the most affordable option is to line the golf course pond with a high quality geomembrane liner. As professional polymer manufacturer in all types of pond liners, Trump Eco off...
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