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Type    Sand coated,Self adhesive(Peel&stick),  Smooth
Thickness 1.0mm(40mil),1.2mm(45mil), 1.5mm(60mil) or customized
Width 2m (6.6ft), 3m(10ft), 4m(13ft) or customized
Color  White,grey or customized

EVA sand coated

Trump Eco’s pre-applied sand coated EVA membrane is a multilayer compound waterproof material with excellent performance .It includes one layer of high density PE film , one layer pressure sensitive polymer adhesive and one insulation layer . It is widely used on flat concrete surface or compacted sandy layer as well as waterproof layer of vertical surface of temporary and adjacent structures to form continuous and permanent combination .

HDPE pre-applied
EVA membrane

Features & benefits

1. New wet bonding technique: after moisture curing reaction between cement slurry and high polymer, the membrane and the structural layer are firmly bonded, improving the reliability of the waterproof layer.

2. The waterproof membrane is not bonded with the substrate, so the sedimentation and deformation of the substrate will not affect the waterproof performance.

3. Excellent shock resistance and puncture resistance: can withstand the working load and the attack of the reinforcement cage, eliminating the need for special protections.

4. Strong self-healing function: unique self-healing capacity for slight construction damage.

5. Outstanding chemical resistance: good resistibility towards the alkali water from the concrete, home scrap has no effect on it.

6. Wet construction, remove the need for leveling layer, the construction is not limited by the condition of weather.

7. Minimal surface treatment: doesn’t need oil or heat to dry the wet substrate, with no volatile substance.

8. Have no need for cement mortar protective course.

9. Cold construction, need no cementing agent, safe and environment-friendly.


1 Basement,subway,tunnel,cave and other underground public constructions.

2 The roofing of industrial and civil building:planting roof,flat roof,pitched roof.

3 Artificial lake,reservoir,landfill,basement,grain depot,etc.

HDPE sand coated membrane
Sand coated HDPE liner
Sand finished membrane

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